Q: What information will I find on this site?
A: You can browse and search for translations of various poems, poets and translators. Nearly forty sources have been input so far.

Q: Where are the poems?
A: At the library. Or, in some cases, on the internet. Some day we may be able to incorporate full-text poems here, but for now this is a finding list. Some of the sources can be found on Google Books, and most of the pre-1922 works are on www.archive.org. You can often find the Chinese texts by highlighting the Chinese title and doing a web search.

Q: Who did this?
A: The project coordinator is Zeb Raft, Assistant Research Fellow at the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, Academia Sinica. (That’s me). The site architecture and implementation is the work of Kamal Ranaweera, with contributions from Megan Meredith-Lobay on the site design. Zheng Cai, Danqing Wang, Dawn Wong, Li Yang, and Lulu Yu all helped with data input.

[More to come...]